Jargon Watch: Modern Wedge

Look for more of these ”21st-century modern wedge” homes to pop up around Fountain Square.

A bevy of new builds in Fountain Square are described as “21st-century modern wedge,” and their boldly striking asymmetrical rooflines seem to explain the style. But in architecture, the term “wedge” is an established one that refers to a form covered in grass and glass to disguise the structure as landscape. So how are these flashy houses in Fountain Square considered wedges?

The builder, TKW Custom Homes, admitted to coining the phrase, based on midcentury design from the West Coast, specifically Palm Springs. In Fountain Square, TKW is aiming for a roof system that appears to have been picked up and placed on top of the house. “The 21st-century modern wedge has large overhangs, unique front pillars, and geometrically installed siding and window locations,” says TKW’s Nick Burrow. It’s also becoming a Fountain Square fixture. TKW has built 11 modern wedges so far, is planning a 10-home development at the corner of Spruce and Orange streets (starting at $300,000), and lists one every 45 days. Another term for the style: ubiquitous.