ShopTalk: Luur Design and Chris Stuart

A breakout designer opens his Carmel studio to shoppers.

While Chris Stuart is telling his friend about auditioning to judge Framework, a show on Spike, she absentmindedly strokes the smooth grooves of Stuart’s chalk-white “Moire” trivet. “I can’t stop touching it,” the friend finally admits.

Stuart’s Luur Design, which created the Pattern Store, now has a retail presence of its own for selling those irresistible trivets ($70 and up) and other sublime objects. It takes a GPS to find the industrial park where Luur is located, but for aesthetes, the payoff is a selection of beautiful cutting boards in solid walnut or maple ($140 to $270) and minimalist side tables assembled without hardware ($650 and up). featured Luur’s new magnetized geometric bangles ($75 and up) that separate into halves for mixing and matching.

Given the steady attention Stuart has received (he made the 2014 American Design Hot List on the blog Sight Unseen, and his book, DIY Furniture, has been translated into five languages), it’s nice to see the Indy native sticking close to home—even if he is a little hard to find. 520-F Industrial Dr., Carmel


This article appeared in the July 2015 issue.