Man of Steel: Adam Graef and Rogue Decor

The store’s furniture bears a whiff of shop-class cool.
Is the DIY tab on your Pinterest page getting a little out of control? Let Adam Graef of Rogue Decor furnish you with a one-of-a-kind soulful look instead—something along the lines of, say, a refurbished wardrobe with a stained-glass arch, or a coffee table fashioned from a metal map cabinet by adding a chalkboard-slate top and heavy caster wheels. The Fountain Square store is bigger than it looks from the outside; the long room stretches back into Graef’s workshop, where he recasts industrial cabinets and tables into rustic appointments and builds some items from scratch. He might attach heavy iron legs to a footlocker and call it a coffee table, or help you see how a green oxidized display piece ($2,400) would make a fetching vintage kitchen island. Everything in the shop is on the market, too, down to the “What Would Johnny Cash Do?” pillow and the tool cabinet–cum–bar cart (pictured, left) displaying candles. “That is kind of my pet peeve,” Graef says, “when you walk into a store, and something is really cool but not for sale.”
1056 Virginia Ave., 317-822-8584,

This article appeared in the February 2014 issue.