Mutt Strut 2014: Dogs and Cat and Tortoise, Oh My

Saturday’s event saw clear blue skies and canines of all shapes and sizes.

The sun-soaked morning of April 26 bred hundreds of humans and pets turning out for Mutt Strut’s annual day of treats and fleet feet at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Overheard at Mutt Strut

“Wait. Was that a cat?”
“That was a cat.”
—Friend to friend

“Did I step in it?”
“I think everyone’s going to step in it before the day is over.”
—Friend to friend, part two

“That’s not a dog. That’s a bear!”
—Incredulous dog owner, hiding his Chihuahua

“I don’t care how cute your dog is. A tutu isn’t a good look on anyone.”
—Snooty dog-owner

“It’s a pug orgy! Except none of them have the necessary parts anymore.”
—One of a few pug owners upon a meeting of roughly six of them

Not pictured: that cat. Stay tuned for more here, as this article will be updated when Humane Society of Indianapolis numbers and information becomes available.