Open Door with RJE Business Interiors

Two words: Treadmill desk.

My Lobby

When you promise clients stunning office spaces, you’d better make sure your own makes a knock-out first impression. RJE Business Interiors president Denny Sponsel doesn’t have anything to worry about.

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Phone Booth

When Sponsel spotted this Finnish-made Framery phone booth at a trade show in Germany, he had to have it. The nearly soundproof pod gives employees privacy for phone calls, or just a quick and quiet time out.


Known for their modern chair creations, midcentury-furniture pioneers Hans and Florence Knoll hang around to remind staff and visitors that “good design is good business.”

Treadmill Desk

“Sitting is the new smoking,” Sponsel says. But not here, where you’ll frequently see workers taking care of business while logging virtual laps on InMovement equipment.

“Generation” Chair

Go ahead and slouch: This iconic Knoll piece supports multiple postures.


An RJE signature of sorts, fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies are always on hand.


The foundation of RJE culture, Hug Your Customers by Jack Mitchell, is required reading. Staffers regularly discuss chapters and even write book reports on lessons learned.

Business Cards

Restless fingers? RJE’s origami-style business cards can be folded into cute little chair configurations.