Open Door: Stephen Taylor’s Cocktail Lounge

Veteran interior designer Stephen Taylor wielded the rainbow to outfit his posh northside condo, culminating in this vibrant entertainment room.

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Taylor selected “coral reef” paint for this room. “Everybody looks good in this color,” he says. “So when we  entertain, everyone looks their best.”


Ornate Chinese fabric inspired the room’s bright color scheme.


Taylor has an affinity for 18th- and 19th-century portraits, like this one of famous mariner Sir John Salt’s mother.


He’s an avid collector of rare European heraldry plates, which depict a family’s coat of arms. Italian Countess diNardi gifted Taylor a selection of 1800-era designs when he was working for a menswear company in Italy.


The Hulman family used to own this early-20th-century wooden piece. Taylor plucked it from Midland Arts & Antiques Market in Carmel.


Taylor’s wife bought this decorative box at an Elizabeth Taylor auction in New York. “It was a gift from Liz to country artist Ronnie McDowell,” he says. “It still has his calling cards in it.”


He recovered a yellow-damask sofa with lime-green velvet.


The Taylors bought these Thai-silk pillows at Gump’s San Francisco on their honeymoon.