Realtors Are Sold: Four Hot Indy Neighborhoods


If you ask real-estate pros (and we did), these neighborhoods are worth a look.


St. Clair Place
“Since I moved to this area 20 years ago, I’ve been kind of a pioneer. We owned in Fletcher Place when that was far from what it is today. And St. Clair Place strikes me as similarly promising. It’s just east of Woodruff Place. In the last two or three years, it has improved a lot. Chase built that lovely gym, The Legacy Center. The area is close to the end of Mass Ave, and I think it’s a natural progression for the redevelopment we’ve seen in Cottage Home and other eastside neighborhoods. You can get half of a double for $100,000 and a full-blown family home for $150,000.” —Michelle Hastings, Century 21


“While our practice takes us wherever our clients want to be, my wife and I chose Arden for our home. We call it ‘Meridian-Kessler without the through traffic.’ Many of the homes are of the same character as that more famous neighborhood, but we’re not on a grid. The location is the best of all worlds—we’re within walking distance of Broad Ripple and have trails that lead to both Marott and Holliday parks.” —Tom Williams, United Real Estate


Ivy Hills
“I’m really impressed with this neighborhood right now. The time on the market for houses is so short. The area is a mix of Lawrence Township and Washington Township, so you have great schools. It’s a quiet neighborhood, yet it’s just seven minutes from Castleton and 10 minutes from The Fashion Mall. Developed in the 1960s, the neighborhood is seeing a lot of turnover as the original owners sell to young people. Some of the interiors are dated, so you get a lot of home for the money—$170,000 to $300,000. Mature trees, family homes, and almost all of it is side streets.” —Tom Mattingly, Re/Max


Photo by Tony Valainis

King Park
“This area spreads from the Old Northside and Herron-Morton to the Monon Trail. And because there’s little affordable housing left in those neighborhoods, people are starting to explore east. Investors are buying lots around College because they know there’s money to be made. You still need to be a pioneer to buy there—crime remains. But people who bought in Herron-Morton are glad they did.” —Morna Patrick, Keller Williams