Realty Check: What $940K Gets You in Lockerbie Square

A contemporary design, a spacious backyard, and two master bedrooms.
Nestled among Italianate and Queen Anne houses, this contemporary 4,040-square-foot spread (including the unfinished basement) manages to bridge the generation gap in Lockerbie Square, one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. Built in 2013, the home’s flat roof and red-brick-and-limestone facade resemble its neighbors’, while the interior is 100 percent urban-chic.
The owners worked closely with Jason Wolfe of Mark Demerly Architects and ReDevelop Group to create a lofty, warehouse-like space. The back wall of the expansive main level flaunts folding glass doors that open to create a seamless transition to an industrial landscape outlined with cement squares. In the center of the first floor, a 19-foot-tall atrium of windows stretches to the ceiling, bathing the living room in sunlight. A custom patterned-steel screen lines the staircase, doubling as a railing and an ultra-thin perforated wall. The steps lead up to an unexpected span that connects the front of the house to two back bedrooms, three bathrooms, and two generously sized master bedrooms.
While the owners admit that other residents were worried when they saw the unfinished product draped in metallic wrap and “looking like a spaceship had landed,” their inventive concept is now a welcome addition in Lockerbie. The home affords the character of a historical neighborhood with the minimalist elements of a modern design—plus the occasional gawker admiring the street’s trendiest estate.
Want to Buy It?
Address: 334 N. College Ave.
List Price: $939,000
Agent: David Martin, F.C. Tucker Company
Phone: 317-217-0720