Realty Check: Get Tudored

The entrance to 7251 Hunt Club Lane

Photos courtesy The Home Aesthetic

Constructing a new home that looks like it was built 100 years earlier is no easy feat, but for the owners of this estate, it was worth tackling. Both grew up in older houses and shared a lifelong love for their craftsmanship and beauty. The desire to have their kids in a good school system landed them in Zionsville, and the two-year project began.

The Castle Rock stone exterior gives the home its distinguished English-manor look. On three-plus acres of wooded privacy, there’s a creek and a hill for sledding. Inside, the stunning arched foyer’s gleaming wood and intricate leaded glass command attention. It was an architectural-salvage find—a former entrance on a Chicago mansion. After refinishing the piece, a carpenter incorporated it into the foyer and matched all the new trim to it.

Ensuring each room in the 8,000-square-foot home had a touch of Old World feel married to modern livability was a labor of love. Eighteen interior doors (and their surrounds, plus hardware) hail from a 1920s home and lead through bright, open, high-ceilinged spaces. Four bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms feature beautiful views and high-end finishes. The light fixtures are all contemporary, and tech touches like built-in audio on each floor remind you the home was built in 1998, not 1908.

Each eye-catching piece has a story, like the living-room mantel that survived a house fire in Zanesville, Ohio, but didn’t need to be refinished—the owners preferred the nicks and imperfections. Intricate woodwork featuring Greek gods and goddesses once framed a large mirror, but was repurposed for the office entryway.

With their kids grown up, the couple has downsized and looks forward to traveling, but it’s a bittersweet farewell. Their greatest wish is to find a kindred spirit who will love the house as much as they have.

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7251 Hunt Club Lane, Zionsville
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