Realty Check: Kennedy-King

A modern contemporary home in Indy’s Kennedy-King neighborhood

Photography courtesy The Home Aesthetic

It was in this neighborhood in 1968 that Robert Kennedy delivered the devastating news: Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated. What was supposed to be a routine campaign stop and speech instead became a message of hope and encouragement to the heartbroken crowd. Now the neighborhood is enjoying a surge in popularity, and its renaissance has placed new construction alongside older, established homes.

Constructed in 2019, this modern build by The Property District blends traditional architectural features, like a gable roofline, with a rich, moody facade for an exterior that packs a visual punch without being a neighborhood misfit. Cedar accents around the front windows add an earthy warmth and break up the monochrome palette.

Acting as the yang to the exterior’s yin, the interior is the bright and airy. With 10-foot ceilings and light color tones, your eye is drawn to unique textures that pop against the simple backdrop—woodgrain in the hickory-stained cabinets, geometric precision in the accent wall along the stairs, and the crisp touch of metal in the staircase’s handrail. If you look up, you’ll see funky light fixtures that are a (delightfully) far cry from typical builder-grade selections. The open living/dining room areas each feature their own contemporary interpretations of a chandelier, while cozy sconces illuminate the path up the stairs.

Just shy of 5,000 square feet, the home has four bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, with a laundry room on the upper level and plenty of room for entertaining in the finished basement (complete with its own wet bar). Each of the bathrooms includes an eye-catching feature, whether it’s a textured accent wall, uniquely framed-out mirror and lighting, or distinct tilework in the shower. Even with so many high-end features, storage space wasn’t lost as a result. The Property District designed a large mudroom and walk-in pantry and tucked them in the rear of the home so the open space can be enjoyed without clutter.

With one of Indy’s fastest growing urban populations, Kennedy-King isn’t slowing down any time soon. If you’re looking for a vibrant cultural history and the convenience of a brand-new home, you’ve found the best of both worlds.

Want to buy it?
Address: 2057 Carrollton Ave.
Price: $535,000
Agent: Amanda Dinges, Ms Woods Real Estate, 317-694-4513

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