Realty Check: Meridian-Kessler Cottage

Little Giant: Remodeled by a top designer, this sleeper in Meridian-Kessler has all the styles you’ll ever need.
Amid all the stately 1920s homes in Meridian-Kessler a newer kid on the block (a ranch built in 1954) caught Lynn Smith’s eye, and after a year’s worth of remodeling, it’s an entirely new place, full of customizations. The company DesignSmith specializes in fine homes, so it comes as no surprise that the owner’s is a resplendent extension of his commitment to refined detail.

The house isn’t really small at 5,500 square feet, four bedrooms, four baths, and a finished lower level. It just doesn’t look imposing in a neighborhood of mansions. Smith added a second story with a distinctive arched window called an “eyebrow,” a columned porch, and an extension on each side, all of which give the front more presence. Inside, wood paneling, accent lighting on architectural details, and drama in the form of a red-lacquered room make the house feel like a mini manor. A high-performance kitchen surprises with floor-to-ceiling windows and roofing slate laid underfoot in a herringbone pattern. Each piece was cut and hand-honed in the field.

A warm color palette of reds, yellows, and oranges adds richness to the rooms and complements the carefully selected wood. Smith used different species throughout the home and stained them to match. “I chose black cherry for the kitchen cabinets, knowing that the color of the wood would deepen as it aged. Mahogany for the library, because the wood grain was very clear; it allowed for an even finish throughout the room. Hickory for the master bedroom wall for its pronounced wood grain,” he says.

The deep backyard, shrouded in trees, received the same fine-tooth-comb treatment. Lush professional landscaping, a Gunite pool, a pergola-covered dining area, and outdoor entertaining spaces complete the luxuriously livable setting in one of Indy’s most beloved neighborhoods.

4345 Washington Blvd.
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