Want A DIY Project? Inhabit’s New Wall Flats Are Easy To Install

Inhabit Living Luxe + Supermatte Wall Flats; photo courtesy Inhabit Living

Tired of staring at your walls? Change them up with one of Indy’s coolest local products. Inhabit Living, a small eastside company that’s a big name in modern interior design, recently released a new version of its signature Wall Flats that are much easier to install. Wall Flats are lightweight molded-paper panels that instantly create a large-scale 3D texture. Instead of flat surfaces, you can have a wavy wall or one covered with geometric shapes. Google’s headquarters is among the many places around the world with a Wall Flats installation.

Problem is, homeowners can’t just slap up Wall Flats in a couple of hours. You have to use a heavy-duty wallpaper paste, leave a gap between each panel, and mud over the seam like drywall. They are also difficult to paint, so the only option is white. But now, the new Luxe + Supermatte collection comes in colors and can be hung up with double-sided tape after priming the wall with a coat of contact cement. No gap, no mudding.

Luxe and Supermatte tiles are available in 17 patterns and 14 finishes. The new finishes add wood and stone looks to the Wall Flats repertoire, like oak, walnut, soft and steely grays, and also black and deep indigo. Both come in boxes of eight panels for around $285 (a little under $16 per square foot). Inhabit’s website has a handy “calculate what you need” tool to help estimate an order, and color samples are available. Turnaround time on an order is typically 10 to 12 days, depending on the finish and size, and it might arrive faster.

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