Indiana’s First And Only Louis Vuitton Is Right Where It Belongs: The Fashion Mall

Louis Vuitton, The Fashion Mall, 317-575-1968,

Luxury-lovers were gifted a new oasis over the holidays from Louis Vuitton: a stand-alone store. The designer house’s first and only in Indiana opened inside The Fashion Mall, upgrading from the large space it had at Saks that was often referred to as a store within a store. The new spot moves into the former home of Burberry with its latest leather goods, shoes, accessories, candles, and luggage (but no clothing). The façade is Gaston beige limestone inscribed with the emblematic monogram-and-flowers, and inside, the store celebrates the savoir-faire of the iconic house. Parisian artwork and curated furniture turn the space into an homage to the Art Nouveau decor of the original Vuitton family home in Asnières, France. The women’s collections include the new, vintage-inspired “Since 1854” Jacquard line, and men will discover leather heritage pieces alongside new lines like “Damier Giant,” offering a sporty and masculine touch to the otherwise posh setting. To be left holding the bag doesn’t seem so bad.