Notorious Vintage Has Next-Level Style

Notorious Vintage owner Tori Sandler

ANTIQUE MALL Retro Metro lately catches the eyes of passersby as a newly restored navy and red barn house. At the top of the unimposing staircase at the back of the lobby, Notorious Vintage (2943 E. 46th St., second floor) greets nostalgic shoppers. It’s helmed by vintage veteran Tori Sandler, a co-owner of the erstwhile Rebel Vintage. She curates only the loveliest unique items from her own collection, plus those of funky purveyors including Lady Marigold and Beads By Dre. Home goods born of macrame, Lucite, brass, and rattan, and resurrected relics like midcentury tea sets and jazzy light fixtures abound. It’s among the best spots to unearth wearable treasures, too. Find ’60s mod floral garb, ’70s peasant blouses and ponchos, and ’80s bold silhouettes in bright hues. The sheer abundance of garments and baubles ensures scoring the perfect pieces. Don’t miss the rack of colorful, airy caftans ideal for weathering summer’s swelter. Lots of throwback threads for stylish men and kids—a rarity in vintage shops—await discovery, too. The thrill of the hunt is contagious. 

① Macrame wall hanging, $110 ② Hand-tooled leather crossbody bag, $110 ③ Swedish leather clogs, $56 ④ Floral embroidered skirt, $68