Our Favorite Houses: The Cutest Cottage

Exterior of blue cottage with red door
The cutest little cottage in The Shire.

Tony Valainis

Crisp white trim sets off neat gray shingles. An arched front door pops in vivid orange-red. No wonder Leah-Beth Peroni and her fiancé, Dru Sappington, kept calling it the “Hobbit House” after they’d gotten a glimpse. The 1928 cottage had gone live on a realty website earlier than it was supposed to, then disappeared—leaving Peroni salivating. “I just fell in love with absolutely everything about it,” she says. “I’d wanted brick, but as soon as I saw this, I was like, That’s the cutest house I’ve ever seen.” When it officially came on the market a few days later, the couple called for the very first showing; they were in by 10 a.m., made an offer immediately, and had the deal secured by that night. 

Inside Story
Though it looks like anybody taller than Bilbo Baggins might have to crouch to cross the threshold, the Hobbit House is actually quite spacious thanks to a 2009 addition of an upstairs with two bedrooms and a bathroom. That brought the square footage up to 3,400 and four bedrooms and three bathrooms, while original textured walls and ceilings maintain the cozy feeling.

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