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Our Favorite Houses

Eleven homes that stop us in our tracks

We’ve all stalked and gawked at certain homes in the city. We’ve pumped the brakes, circled the block, and (duh) found real-estate listings online. But to get the full story, you have to pull into a driveway and ask. So we did, finding gracious homeowners willing to open their doors to these Indianapolis abodes with heart-melting curb appeal. Some you know—the Kessler mansion, Indy Mod Homes on 10th Street. Some you don’t—a secluded old-money estate, circular huts on a dead-end road. In any case, stick around for the tours. You don’t even need a mask. Edited by Megan Fernandez, Kelly Kendall, and Kristin Sims with Jonathan Eriksen, Dawn Olsen, and Dave Seminara

1. Art Moderne Masterpiece

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Exterior of Art Moderne home

Pristine Art Moderne design that helped bring the neighborhood back to life.Photo by Tony Valainis










2. Midcentury Magnificence 

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Exterior of midcentury modern home at dusk

The midcentury-modern country home just off the interstate.Tony Valainis









3. Historic Party Home

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Indianapolis history and classical style in a one-of-a-kind party home.Tony Valainis









4. Trulli One Of A Kind

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Exterior of round home

Likely the country’s only example of Italian “trulli” architecture.Tony Valainis









5. A Playful Spin on Tradition

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Exterior of modern home with people on porch

A playful, modern spin on a traditional form.Photo by Tony Valainis









6. Castle-like Charm

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Large brick house

Six acres on Meridian Street and a house as strong as a castle.Tony Valainis









7. The Cutest Cottage

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Exterior of blue cottage with red door

The cutest little cottage in The Shire.Photo by Tony Valainis










8. Waterside Oasis

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Exterior of contemporary lakehouse at sunset

Drama, serenity, and panoramic water views amid the bustling north side.HAUS | Architecture For Modern Lifestyles









9. Prefab Perfection

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Exterior of modern home painted bright orange and purple

Cheerful color and architecture in Indy’s newest prefabricated community.Tony Valainis









10. Fountain Square Fab

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Exterior of blue home with horseshoe shaped balcony.

Gingerbread trim, a surprising amount of space—and that balcony!Photo by Tony Valainis










11. Balanced Beauty

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Two-story white house with tiled roof

Mediterranean charm outside, flooded with light and serene symmetry inside.Tony Valainis









The Cult of Avriel Shull

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