Our Guide To Southport’s Hidden Treasures

Southport Antique Mall
The Southport Antique Mall.


In a part of town that used to be a good-coffee desert, The Mocha Nut Coffee Shop now makes pumpkin spice and spiced orange lattes. (You can also order these staple autumnal flavors in muffin form.) If coffee isn’t your thing, try the Ghirardelli hot chocolate or watermelon-mint refresher. You can order online for pick-up, or sit and sip inside—the leather chairs are judiciously comfortable. 1625 E. Southport Rd., 317-319-9021, mochanutcoffee.com


The food at Burmese Restaurant is just like Grandma used to make—if Grandma was from Myanmar. The extensive menu is approachable—a mix of Chinese, Indian, and Thai—even if it isn’t spelled out in English. Instead, use the pictures to decide and expand your vocab: thoke means “salad,” ngapi means “fish paste,” and lahpet refers to pickled tea leaves (this spot is one of the rare places in town where tea is both eaten and sipped). 7040 Madison Ave., 317-520-4511


Southport Antique Mall is a labyrinth of everything you didn’t know you needed. A vintage croquet set for $125? Don’t mind if I do! You won’t find “junk” here, but Pyrex, furniture, glassware, Japanese screens, pedal tractors, and the occasional piano. To see it all without getting lost takes a couple hours—and one of those maps they have up front. 2028 E. Southport Rd., 317-786-8246, southportantiquemall.net


The second floor of the Southport Antique Mall is devoted entirely to The Vintage Gypsy. This curated vintage shop feels like a museum—there’s both men’s and women’s clothing from the 1930s to the 1990s. Prices are more than reasonable, whether you’re buying a fur coat, bell-bottoms, undergarments, or a sweet hat. Everybody needs a hat. 2028 E. Southport Rd., 317-518-8653


The floral wallpaper at Sophia’s Bridal & Tux is as beautiful as the Maggie Sottero, Allure Couture, and Willowby gowns it carries. Sophia’s also has an exclusive line, Joie, and offers virtual consultations for brides-to-be. Thousands of prom and other school-formal dresses are in stock year-round, too, starting at $250. 2025 E. Southport Rd., 317-222-5465, sophiasbridalandtux.com


Like the westside location, the Southport Long’s Bakery only accepts cash. Come prepared to avoid the walk of shame. While it gives off the no-frills, no-fuss vibe we all know and love, it’s one of the few places in the city to sell Italian anisette cookies come Christmastime. 2301 E. Southport Rd., 317-783-1442