25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Hoverboard

Day 2: A futuristic toy for the whole family

This year’s hottest toy, the hoverboard, is part Segway, part skateboard, and totally worth every penny purely for some comic relief at your family gift exchange (there might be a wipeout or two). However, after someone gets the hang of carefully stepping on and off, the high-tech gizmo is fairly easy to maneuver. Lean over slightly to move forward and lean back to reverse. Shift left or right to turn—not too hard, though, or you might launch into a series of wobbly spins (not that we’d know anything about that).

Thankfully, House of Z owner Hailey-Brooke Barham will let you get a feel for her store’s L Scooter so that you can teach someone how to ride their new electronic without breaking a leg. But don’t ponder the purchase too long. This celebrity favorite will zip right off the shelves. $399 for Small Business Saturday; $450 full-price. House of Z, Carmel City Center, 727 Hanover Place, Carmel, 317-810-1329