25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Pick-Me-Up Necklaces

Day 11: For those days when you need a boost, reach for your jewelry box

Indianapolis artist Sandie Zimmerman sells these necklaces embroidered with words of good cheer—”Hope,” “Laugh,” “Sing,” and “Smile”—at her Etsy shop, LoveMaude. Each vintage-look bronze setting is capped with a clear glass dome. You can choose your chain length—16 to 24 inches—depending on whether you want the trendy choker look or more of a pendant. And each necklace can be purchased separately for $14 each, but we rather like the idea of having the set of four to select from depending on what we need to hear that day. These aren’t sold in local stores, and turnaround time is 10 to 12 days, so if you’re thinking of these for holiday gifts, don’t think too long. $48. Etsy.