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25 Days of Holiday Gifts: Vonnegut Cover Art Tees

The Kurt Vonnegut Museum Library is getting a new home on Mass Ave. And while it won’t officially open until the spring of 2017, you can already visit the new space and browse the gift shop. It’s hard to choose between the irreverent St. Vonnegut candles, dog tag necklaces stamped with Kurt-isms, and sweatshirts emblazoned with his infamous asterisk. (We all know it’s not an asterisk.) If you’re looking for something not too expensive but not too cheap, try the T-shirts featuring the original cover art from some of his most famous novels. They’re the perfect blend of bookish nerd and vintage cool, and anybody wearing one will notice people checking them out. And we don’t mean from the library. $26. Kurt Vonnegut Museum Library, 646 Massachusetts Ave., 317-652-1954,


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