50 Days of Holiday Gifts: The Chocolates

Indulge someone’s sweet tooth this Christmas with a decadent treat from Vine & Table’s chocolate bar. Chock full of locally sourced melt-in-your-mouth goodies, our favorite seasonal ode is Ghyslain’s Holiday Collection Box featuring artisan chocolate snowmen and Christmas trees crafted in Richmond. For the wine connoisseur, we recommend Peacetree Mountain’s Wine Truffles that are prepared in Bloomington. With an assortment of flavors including the white chocolate Catawba wine truffle, these are just as delectably dangerous as they sound. $20, Ghyslain’s Holiday Collection Box. $29, Peacetree Mountain’s Wine Truffles. Vine & Table, 313 E. Carmel Drive, 817-9473, vineandtable.com.

Follow our 50 Days of Holiday Gifts Guide for daily ideas, most available in local shops.
Day 1: The Sweater 
Day 2: The Bar Essential 
Day 3: The Retro Antique 
Day 4: The DIY Option 
Day 5: The Steak Knife 
Day 6: The Scarf 
Day 7: The Beer Gear 
Day 8: The Colts Bling 
Day 9: The Butler Hat 
Day 10: The Humor Book
Day 11: The Handmade Soap
Day 12: The Spiritual Message
Day 13: The Hoodie
Day 14: The Vonnegut Memento
Day 15: The Boots
Day 16: The Gloves
Day 17: The Toy
Day 18: The T-Shirt
Day 19: The Chair
Day 20: The Wallet
Day 21: The Travel Essential
Day 22: The Beauty Power Tool
Day 23: The Portable Speaker

Day 24: The Wine Gadget
Day 25: The Lamp
Day 26: The Obligatory Moustache Design
Day 27: The Puffer Skirt
Day 28: The Weekender Bag
Day 29: The Coffee-Table Book
Day 30: The (Local) Coffee-Table Book
Day 31: The John Green Merch
Day 32: The Fan Fashion
Day 33: The Lingerie
Day 34: The Watch
Day 35: The Candle
Day 36: The Coasters
Day 37: The Puppet Theater
Day 38: The Onesie
Day 39: The Throwback

Day 40: The Yoga Gear
Day 41: The Tunic
Day 42: The Kooky Trend
Day 43: The Kitchenware
Day 44: The Stocking-Stuffer
Day 45: The Pacers Jersey
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