50 Days of Holiday Gifts: The Hoodie

From the never-gets-old trend of Indiana-pride wear comes a style acknowledging that the place we love so much is sometimes cold. The United State of Indiana Flag Hoodie winterizes the local brand’s popular t-shirt design with a sweatshirt version, and it comes in black, red, and gray for men and women. $40. Silver in the City, 434 Massachusetts Ave., 317-955-9925; Indy Swank, 1043 Virginia Ave., 317-632-6440; Indiana State Museum gift shop, 650 W. Washington St., 317-232-1637; and online.

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Day 1: The Sweater
Day 2: The Bar Essential 
Day 3: The Retro Antique
Day 4: The DIY Option
Day 5: The Steak Knife
Day 6: The Scarf
Day 7: The Beer Gear
Day 8: The Colts Bling
Day 9: The Butler Hat
Day 10: The Humor Book
Day 11: The Handmade Soap
Day 12: The Spiritual Message
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