Barbers to Know: Warfleigh Barber & Supply Co.

Don’t ask for a man bun.

This Broad Ripple Avenue newcomer has become a social hub, with as many as 17 customers packed in at once for cuts, shaves, and chitchat. That’s quite an accomplishment, given that the two-chair operation’s 220-square-foot interior is only slightly larger than a dorm room. “The conversation in here is never just between the barber and the client,” says co-owner Matt Jones. “It’s between everyone in the room.”

Warfleigh’s clientele includes old guys wanting straight razor shaves, boys with their moms (the shop’s “booster seat” is a skateboard laid across the arms of the barber chairs), the occasional female rocking a high-and-tight, and Butler students and millennials. Most are there for styles your granddad would recognize, including undercuts (close on the sides, longer on top), crew cuts, hard parts, and the occasional pompadour. Cuts cost $22, shaves $25.

Just don’t ask for a man bun. Jones and his partner, Cody Potter, despise them. “It can cause premature hair loss,” Jones warns. “There are studies behind this. Pulling the hair back really tightly causes stress on the hair follicles.” 818 Broad Ripple Ave., 572-8550,

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