Body Wise: Hotworx

Feel The Burn: The sauna isn’t a recovery room anymore. It’s the gym.

Hotworx, where fitness classes take place in an infrared sauna, bills itself as one of the most efficient forms of exercise. (Why? Google “anabolic effect.”) You can also think of it as a gym for people who hate gyms. In a semi-private chamber heated to a balmy 125 degrees, you can get a workout in 15 minutes. It’s open 24/7, which introduces intriguing possibilities, like simply hiding out in a toasty room after a long day. “I once came at 11 p.m. for Hot Zen,” says one regular who was on a 13-day streak. “You just lie in the room and listen to beach sounds.”

That’s an excellent idea when chilly weather sets in. For non-cheat days, each 7-by-9-foot box (with capacity for three people, but you might end up with one all to yourself) has a TV so a virtual instructor can lead a 15-minute HIIT class or a half-hour isometric routine, like yoga or Pilates. She reminds you that “the calories are just falling off” as gallons of sweat drip down your face thanks to the infrared heat, which helps accelerate calorie burn, among other touted benefits. There is a set programming schedule—think of it as streaming live TV for workouts. Most of the time, you’ll be too focused on chugging your water to notice the burn, although Hotworx promises you’ll shed up to 450 calories per class, with potential to drop an additional 600 calories in the hour following the sweat session. Maybe it’s too good to be true. But it takes only 15 minutes to find out.

8235 E. 116th St., Fishers, 317-288-2677
$99 initiation and $59 per month