Bodywise: The ABCs Of CBD

Cannabidiol is projected to become a $2.1 billion industry by 2020. These products are out in front of the biggest trend in wellness.

(1) Dreem Nutrition Full Spectrum CBD Oil
This Indiana-based, veteran-owned, and Indiana Hemp Industries Association–approved business formulates its CBD oil with a doctor and livens up the taste with peppermint oil. $75. Georgetown Market, 4375 Georgetown Rd.

(2) American Shaman Lip Revitalizer
Here’s one CBD product that aims to get your heart racing instead of calming you down: The balm promises to plump and moisturize your pout, and the formula is also rich in terpenes, the fragrant oils in cannabis. $10. CBD American Shaman Indy, 912 E. Westfield Blvd.

(3) Flora & Fortitude Caramels
Artisan candy meets CBD in these dark-chocolate-and-sea-salt yummies, which have been flying off the shelves. $40 for six. CBD American Shaman Indy, 912 E. Westfield Blvd.

(4) 50 Shades of Green Gummi Bears
Each fruity piece has a healthy dose of 50 milligrams of the good stuff—a nibble might be enough. $13. Owlslee CBD, 435 Virginia Ave.

5) Miracle Nutritional Products Dog Biscuits
So you’ve tried doggy Prozac, classical music, and even those leotard shirts for your anxious pet. Perhaps a CBD treat is what your dog needs. A jerky is also available. $25. Owlslee CBD, 435 Virginia Ave.

(6) Yuyo Botanics Turmeric Salve
Recommended for use on sore muscles and joints. $35. French Pharmacie, 823 1/2 Westfield Blvd.

(7) Yuyo Botanics AM Oil
Yuyo, a Tennessee farm started to help a young leukemia patient, has blossomed into one of the country’s breakout CBD brands in just its first year in business. Beholder even uses it in some of its cocktails. The oil comes in daytime and nighttime formulas. $65. French Pharmacie, 823 1/2 Westfield Blvd.