Chris Stuart: Attention Magnet

Chris Stuart created half a bracelet—enough to put his Carmel studio on the design world’s radar.

At first you don’t notice the deafening machines slicing bracelets out of countertop material—the front room of Luur design studio in downtown Carmel radiates tranquility. But in the back, a large router turns kitchen surfaces into Luur’s new “North/South” bracelet, a piece of ingeniously designed jewelry that has landed in Urban Outfitters, among other shops.

When Stuart began designing phones for Thompson Consumer Electronics in Carmel, he prioritized function over artistry. But now, running his own design firm, he takes the opposite approach. The Herron School of Art & Design grad was making trivets out of Corian—a solid acrylic material that feels as hard as stone—when he stumbled onto the idea for the “North/South” arm candy. He was inspired by combinations of the different colors and patterns he had on hand. The best way to mix them, he thought, was to let customers do the honors. Stuart devised half-bracelets in five geometric shapes that join together, forming a bangle that might be round on one side and trapezoidal on the other. With 12 colors available, there are 1,800 mix-and-match combinations—and the magnetic closure makes changing up the look a snap.

The Process

(1) Luur makes trivets out of Corian, a hard surface material. Stuart devised the “North/South” bracelet as a way to use the scraps.

(2) A computer-controlled machine called a CNC router carves out programmed designs—in this case, geometric shapes.


(3) Members of Luur’s team add a strong neodymium magnet to each end of the half-bracelet and sand the piece to a smooth polish.


(4) “North/South” represents a modern take on the friendship bracelet. A starter kit includes three interchangeable halves.


(5) Luur debuted the bangle last May at the prestigious, invitation-only Sight Unseen Offsite design show in New York.


Buy It

Customized “North/South” bracelet, $75 at