Favorite Finds At The Yelp! Totally Bazaar

13 inspired gift ideas from local crafters and shops.

Rivet Kids “Triangles” denim vest

$28 Buy It

Featuring a removable hood, it’s available in sizes 2 to 6.

Yelp! Totally BazaarKnot and Thread Designs baskets

$14 to $26 Buy It

These pure-ivory hold-alls with handles are beautifully hand-sewn, in sizes that nest. They’re a brand-new collection from an established quilter.
Find them at the Indy Mommy Market on December 16 at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds.

Yelp! Totally BazaarHarper+ Ari exfoliating sugar cubes

$10 Buy It

These sugar cubes developed by Eva Maison contain Aruba Aloe, a soothing the product the shop owner’s family makes.
It comes in five wonderful scents—peach apricot, lemon, coconut, and, our favorite, tangerine. Cubes in pretty glass bottles are also available.
Find them online and also at the Eva Maison boutiques in Broad Ripple and The Fashion Mall.

Yelp! Totally BazaarTactile Melodies constellation necklaces

$44 Buy It

This Bloomington maker crafts a sterling-silver necklace for each astrological sign and the best-known constellations, like Orion and the Big Dipper.

Yelp! Totally Bazaar

Kaps 4 Kids beer-cap ornament

$15 Buy It

Ten percent of Kaps to Kids sales go to charity. The makers also have designs from other Indiana breweries—and mosaic wall-hangings,
like a Butler bulldog, made from bottle caps.

Yelp! Totally Bazaar

Thelma and Midge onesie

$15 Buy It

Social statements are big on kids’ clothes right now.

Yelp! Totally BazaarThe Brocade Blackbird recipe cards

$8 Buy It

Perfect for a cook, these four-card sets feature adorable illustrations from a Noblesville stationer.

Yelp! Totally BazaarThe Shop college-bar tees

$25 Buy It

Remember your pal’s or in-law’s old haunts at IU and Purdue. The Pete’s shirt says “When the Load Gets Tough” on the front,
and on the back, “The Tough Get Loaded.” How did we ever graduate?

Yelp! Totally Bazaar

Yellow Umbrella Designs string art

$58 Buy It

It’s a major piece of kitsch!

Yelp! Totally BazaarDancing Pottery beer stein

$26 Buy It

Artsy-phartsy people like good beer, too.

Yelp! Totally Bazaar

Modern Handcraft rope bowls          

$15 and up Buy It

This crafter was our favorite discovery at Totally Bazaar. Nicole Daksiewicz’s quilts, pillows, and stockings have the same fresh,
colorful sensibility as these bowls. Find some of her products at Crimson Tate on Mass Ave. Speaking of which…

Yelp! Totally BazaarTubby Wubby stitch-and-sew kits

$15 Buy It

Quilting store Crimson Tate stocks loads of these precious craft kits, which have all of the materials and tools for sewing and stuffing a little felt animal.
The needle is even pre-threaded, and each one comes with a birth certificate and a tag to attach.

Yelp! Totally Bazaar

Bittermilk No. 6 Oaxacan Old Fashioned

$20 Buy It

Stir up cocktail hour with a Mexican twist on the classic sipper. This mixer is strong and bittersweet with Old Fashioned spices and chiles.
Add mezcal. Toast. It’s available at James Dant in Irvington.