Hot List 7.26.18

Stylish Stuff We’re Loving Right Now
The Hot List is a weekly roundup of our very favorite Instagram finds.

If you can put this necklace on without humming along to Tom Petty, you’re made of sterner stuff than we are. Silver in the City, 434 Massachusetts Ave., 317-955-9925

Give peace a chance, is all we are saying. Civvies, 1134 E. 54th St., 317-653-1169

These offbeat, pretty, sustainable necklaces feel like boho chic for the new millennium. Homespun: Modern Handmade, 869 Massachusetts Ave., 317-351-0280

Because summer hasn’t really arrived until you’ve broken out your retro sunnies. Anthropologie, The Fashion Mall, 317-574-0803

You know that loafers-sans-socks look? Not everyone can pull it off, but with these flexible kicks, you will. 14 Districts, Hanover Place, Carmel, 317-805-1857