Ian Mahinmi’s Look

Hey, where did you get that leather jacket?

It’s hard to miss Pacers center Ian Mahinmi—and not just on the court. When the Frenchman isn’t wearing blue and gold, he shoots for sporty-smooth style elevated to a luxurious level and usually shows off his own clothing line, French Deal.

Is this piece from your label?

Yes. That’s velvet on the lapels, and there’s a silk lining. It’s very high-end.

Do you own every piece from the line?

Yes, of course. I have everything. And in different colors. I have stuff that never came out.

Like what?

I can’t say. I don’t want to give anyone else ideas.

Where do you shop in Indianapolis?

To be honest, I don’t know where to go. I’m 6’11,” 260 pounds. It’s not easy to go to a store and get a cart. I do most of my shopping in Chicago and New York.

Fashion icon?

I like Kanye’s sneakers. He was so ahead of the game with his line for Louis Vuitton. At the time, people wouldn’t even think about going to a Louis store and buying a pair of sneakers.

Dress up or keep it casual?

I like to dress up with a suit and play with pairing different jackets and bottoms.

Where do you stand on ugly Christmas sweaters?

My wife tries to buy me those Halloween and Christmas pajamas. I don’t wear them, but if you can have fun, I’m all for it. Clothes are all about attitude.