James Dant Shop Tour

He has flannels. And yes, he also sells candles.

Tommy James Dant’s store is a shop that’s hard to come by. Why? Because there is no women’s section. In many stores, Dant says, the men’s stuff is pushed to the back 10 percent of the store. That’s why he wanted to create a store just for men.

And it’s not just clothes that he’s selling. He’s also got plenty of home goods and style products, like candles and pomade. “One of the things people often forget about is how good of a gifting store we are,” Dant says.

Now that fall is in the air, Dant encourages guys to stop by his store because “Fall has always been more of a guys season,” he says. Dant has all of your Fall layering essentials for that fall weekend trip you know you’ll be going on.

Plus, Dant’s store is for all ages, even though people may think he doesn’t carry brands for an older demographic, he says.

“James Dant” is located at 5624 E Washington St. in Indianapolis and is open seven days a week.