My Look: Blake Cardenas's Cowboy Hat

Local entrepreneur Blake Cardenas always wanted to be his own boss. Now heading up the online seller Cardenas Hats North America with his father, the 24-year-old hopes this Colombian wardrobe staple takes hold in Indy.
Is this a Cardenas hat?
Yes, the “Tucson” style. It’s one of my favorites.
What’s the story behind the brand?
My grandfather started the company 50 years ago in Colombia. South Americans wear these hats when they’re actually working with cattle, not just as a fashion statement. Later, my dad and I thought about bringing our brand here, and now we import our eight styles directly from Bogota.
You don’t seem like a cowboy.
I wasn’t always a big cowboy hat–wearer, but it brings out confidence and a cool attitude.
Did your grandpa rock a cowboy hat?
He still does. He taught me about the confidence you portray when wearing one.
What should you wear with a Cardenas hat?
The collection is 100 percent wool felt, so you could see a guy wearing it with a trench coat when it’s cold here. And women, too. I’d love to see Sofia Vergara in one. She’s Colombian, and we like to stick together.
What’s your personal style?
Young professional. I shop at Banana Republic, Nordstrom, J. Crew—even they’re starting to sell hats.