My Look: Gingham Dress

Indy’s fashion-truck pioneer, Lesley Jean Saligoe, dresses the part when she hits the road with Yessiree Petunia Vintage, her mobile boutique.

IM: Where did you find this cute blue frock?
At an estate sale. I am constantly on the lookout for new pieces to add to my inventory.

IM: Why did it catch your eye?
This aqua is a quintessential midcentury color. It reminds me of that time when everyone had a whole pink or blue kitchen. And it’s in great condition. I don’t think anyone had ever worn it.

IM: What’s your best advice for people new to vintage?
Start with accessories. 

IM: Where do you socialize?
I’m a mom, but when I get out I like going to The Ball & Biscuit or The Jazz
Kitchen. My husband is DJ MetroGnome, so I sometimes get out to see him. But you can wear vintage pieces all the time. It’s not just a novelty.

IM: We have to ask about your mobile boutique. It’s adorable!
It’s a 1968 Scotty Tonga trailer. My husband and I found the trailer online and drove to Kentucky to pick it up. Her name’s Matilda. She’s old, but she’s still pretty. People can use it as a dressing room.

IM: What would be the theme song for this outfit?
It would have to be “If I Were a Bell,” covered by Amel Larrieux.


Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the April 2013 issue