ShopTalk: Younique Culture

Plainfield shopping steps up.

If you want that cute skirt, you’d better buy it now. Just some advice for customers at Younique Culture, where owner Mackenzie Estridge stocks just six of each piece of clothing and purses by the pair. This rare west-suburban indie shop, located in a strip mall near Metropolis mall, caters primarily to teens and young adults looking for a coffee-date cardigan or a little black dress. The newcomer also includes a small section of plus-size clothing along with Indiana-made cult favorites Ambre Blends scents and Twisted Wick candles. With a focus on cost-conscious trends (lace-front sweater, $34; ribbon-tied statement necklace, $25), it’s tempting to compare the boutique to Dottie Couture. But Estridge differentiates her space with a rustic-chic interior: Chicken coops are used to display scarves, and the front counter is made from barn wood. Most of the furniture and decor is for sale, too, including a 1923 painted oven named Betty ($1,745). But Evelyn Star-of-My-Heart, the shop puppy, stays. 2481 E. Main St., Plainfield, 317-414-5656,