Rural Route: Rusted Window

Carmel gets its fix of modern-rustic decor.

If the HGTV hit Fixer Upper inspires you, do yourself a favor and stop by Carmel’s Rusted Window before putting a sledgehammer through any walls. No, you can’t take home the show’s sweetheart costar, Chip Gaines, to open up your floor plan. But his decorator wife, Joanna, would swoon over the boutique’s feed-sack pillows, milk-jug vases, and distressed baker’s racks. In true Fixer Upper style, shopkeeper Stacy Molander blends some girly accents with the country-grunge. Rimmed glasses are inscribed with “Beer Snob”in gold ($14 each). Metallic fonts jazz up framed sentiments, such as “You are my bucket list.” Thimblepress’s state flower collection renders peonies in the shape of Indiana and includes a packet of seeds. Don’t miss the clothing rack if you swear by loose tunics and layering pieces in chic neutrals. Let’s hope the heather-gray “Game Day” sweatshirt is still in stock for tailgating—after a few years, it will be the perfect thing to wear on demo day at your fixer-upper.
99 E. Carmel Dr., Carmel, 317-205-1716,