Shoptalk: Kohler Signature Store

Kohler Signature Store

Photography by Tony Valainis

Which of Kohler’s decorative bathroom sinks is the prettiest of them all? Is it the organic “Veil,” formed like a elegant, curvy trough? The traditional “Sartorial,” with its herringbone-patterned bowl? Ask the “Verdera” mirror —enabled with Alexa, it can answer about any question while you’re getting ready in the morning, as well as respond to lighting requests and announce the weather forecast. You can even say, “Add Windex to my grocery list,” and, like magic, it’s done. Among all of the dreamy designs at the new Kohler Signature Store by Crescent Supply, a kitchen-and-bath showroom in Castleton where all items are 25 percent off retail, the smart fixtures are most likely to make you start running the numbers for a remodel. You can demo some of the latest high-tech bells and whistles here, and even the stuff you can’t—like the forthcoming Konnect series—comes to life when you talk to the staff. There’s a bathtub that will fill to a preset capacity and temperature, a kitchen faucet that can measure a cup of water, and a $9,000 toilet that can cue up your play-list on built-in speakers. While you’ll have to imagine those luxuries, don’t be surprised when motion-activated toilet lids open and close on their own as you walk past them.

Kohler Signature Store
4335 E. 82nd St., 317-854-5999

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