Shoptalk: L’Atelier

How do you say “pop-up antiques shop” in French?
Interior designer Debra Maley took the 2005 closing of her former shop, Collections Antiques, pretty hard. By then, shopping traffic had waned at her beloved 49th and Pennsylvania store, one she thought she would have forever. She couldn’t have dreamed of the greener pastures to come: setting up shop in the carriage house of a Fortune family estate, with a view of manicured grounds. It’s a setting worthy of Maley’s spirited mix of French antiques and modern accents. L’Atelier is open for retail business Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. only and closes in the winter. Brick arches serve as large doors to the raw space filled with furniture, art, and decor that Maley finds at prestigious antiques markets on the East Coast and at estate sales—places she takes clients on shopping trips, so they can understand that antiques can be beautiful when paired with different styles. For the rest of us, the example is right in our backyard—or rather, the Fortunes’.

4567 Cold Springs Rd., 317-257-7829

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