Shoptalk: Metalmark Fine Jewelry

Golden Girls: A friendship forged at the bygone G. Thrapp Jewelers leads to a new store in Carmel.

The latest addition to Carmel’s Arts & Design District was years in the making. After separately pursuing careers in fine jewelry (and arming themselves with gemology degrees), Mary Leppert and Samantha Hurst Larkins (above, left and right) came together a few years ago when Leppert brought Larkins’s line into the dearly departed G. Thrapp Jewelers, where she worked. In 2016, they partnered to open Metalmark Fine Jewelry in Denver, where Larkins lives. Then in October, the pair of Indy natives brought their expertise in indie jewelry back home with a gorgeous boutique at Main Street and the Monon that aims to feel more laid-back than the typical fine-jewelry showroom. Most pieces fall between $500 and $1,500, though one pair of opal-and-diamond earrings runs $13,000. And there is also an incredible estate-jewelry collection, just like G. Thrapp was known for.

Metalmark Fine Jewelry
211 W. Main St., Carmel

Samantha Louise matte-gold collections, by co-owner and Indy native Samantha Hurst Larkins.