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Shoptalk: Pair’d Furnishings

The Indiana Design Center welcomes a new name in luxury furniture and decor.

Nestled in the Indiana Design Center, where many showrooms are reserved for the trade, newcomer Pair’d Furnishings makes its upscale home decor available to the public. Good thing, because otherwise we would be pressing our noses to the glass to swoon over opulent chandeliers, texturally decadent rugs, artisan-crafted furniture, and other accoutrements of a luxurious home. While snagging pieces from the floor is an option, the proprietary furniture manufacturer offers a suite of customizations (including its own textiles) from this flagship location; the company is headquartered in Bangledesh and designed an entire collection for their American debut. This allows shoppers to play with personalizing a sofa, cabinet, dining room table, and so much more. Each and every vignette is primed for future family gatherings, sleepy Sunday mornings, and homemade dinners among friends, and there’s no stopping you from making these dream-scapes—or your own customized variation—a reality.

(1) Quorra starburst chandelier, $4,600 (2) Ashbury stool, $485 (3) Veuve Clicquot book, $85 (4) Sea urchin decor, $156 (5) Cedar chair, $1,149

Pair’d Furnishings
200 S. Rangeline Rd., Carmel, 317-740-0318
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