Shoptalk: The Mix Marketplace

Old meets new to gorgeous effect at this downtown Noblesville storefront.

Just inside the first of many rooms at new upscale antiques haven The Mix Marketplace, light floods a white, shabby-chic interior with bits and bobs covering every nook and cranny. Each piece is placed meaningfully next to its neighbor, as if one can’t come home without the other.

The Mix Marketplace
940 E. Logan St., Noblesville, 317-219-6739

Don’t Miss
The neon-sign booth, with glowing beverage ads great for a bar area.

A few steps past new, bohemian women’s clothing to one side and rustic decor to the other, eyes flicker among old metal advertisements, which have special meaning to owners Craig and Tonya Ogden, who used to own an ad agency in town. Up a staircase lined with oil paintings and charcoal drawings, a ceramic greyhound offers a greeting from atop a side table comprised of small wooden logs. A walk back downstairs and through the hallway leads to a wide selection of modern, patterned bags and soft-to-the-touch scarves. Strolling through time at The Mix Marketplace is kind of like visiting a museum—except here, if you find a vintage movie projector, midcentury chair, or artisan necklace you fall in love with, it can go home with you. Now, that never gets old.