The Give Guide

Okay, so Indy isn’t perfect. Nearly 20 percent of the city’s families lived below the poverty line last year, and as many as 5,000 people went homeless (while several times that many pets did). It’s enough to make you throw up your hands. Why not lend one instead? We found 66 ways to share time, money, or belongings. The only skills you really need are generosity and all-around swellness. And who knows? You might even have fun doing it.


How to Help

From shopping to cooking to gardening, IM found 20 great volunteering opportunities where you can really make a difference.

Golden Shopportunities

People for Urban ProgressYou get to buy stuff you want. Good causes get a cut of the proceeds.


Taking Stock: Where to Donate

You have things. They need things. Any questions?


The Smart Money

Every charity needs your cash. But only 15 Indianapolis-area nonprofits currently carry four-star distinctions from Charity Navigator. These institutions have been vetted for giving lots of bang for your philanthropic buck.


First Person: Past & Presents

I thought hardship was a world away. Adopting a family for Christmas made me realize we weren’t so far apart.


First Person: The Good Words

People ask if I can get them help to learn how to read. And I do. Because 17 years ago, someone helped me.


>> Web Exclusive: Puppy Love

BuddyExecutive editor Evan West chews on the adoption of his first foster dog, a homeless mutt that got a taste of the good life—and then paid it forward.










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