Unspoken Rules: Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace

Old stuff, new rules.
You like sunshine, but vendors hate rain, so indoor markets tend to attract more sellers than al fresco ones. But you’ll still find plenty of antiques and collectibles when the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace heads outdoors in May.

For the best selection, arrive at opening time.

But if you’re looking for a rock-bottom price, stay until close.

Bargain; don’t insult.

Walk counterclockwise through the market. Most people do the opposite.

BYO tape measure. And a bag.

You’ll want wheels—preferably a market cart, but a wagon will work.

Chat with vendors. They may not have what you want but know who does.

The snack: Slider Station food truck.

That space blocked off by orange cones? It’s a loading zone, not parking for your Tahoe.

If you love it, buy it. Chances are it will be gone when you circle back.

Craigslist: the solution to buyer’s remorse.