You Want This Colts AFC Championship T-shirt

But get it soon, as it’s going fast.
We have to admit, the meaning of some of Vardagen’s esoteric T-shirt designs escapes us. But on the brand’s limited-edition “Colts Stomp Patriots” shirt, the message is clear.

After the Colts’ victory Sunday, Vardagen owner Jared Ingold and his team wanted to create something for the upcoming game against the New England Patriots. “When Tom Brady posted that photo [of the Patriots quarterback riding a Colt], we were already in the design process,” Ingold says. “It just added fuel to the fire.”

The rich blue shirt depicting a horse throwing its Revolutionary-garbed rider has attracted the attention of Colts fans looking for a win this Sunday in the AFC Championship. Vardagen is already on its second printing of the shirt and has set aside enough for the team, hoping to get one in each player’s hands this week. The $26 tee is available for a limited time online (with free shipping), at Vardagen’s flagship store in Fishers (8684 E. 116th St., 317-572-5570), and at the brand’s kiosk in Castleton Square Mall.