Wanted: Janus Motorcycle

Sexy Beast: Ruggedly handsome Hoosier-made motorcycles.
What the lightweight Janus Motorcycles (574-538-1350) that roll out of a production facility in Goshen lack in muscle, they make up for in rugged good looks. If the Halcyon 250 (here in British Racing Green with the line’s signature breadbox tank in front of the seat and a top speed of 70 mph) were a man in line at Starbucks, he would order a doppio and have an Esquire tucked under his elbow—and boy, would he turn heads. Janus co-owners Richard Worsham and Devin Biek started the company in 2011 after making their names in the niche market of custom mopeds. Now prospective James Deans can browse the bikes the pair design in the company’s new Northern Indiana showroom, connected to the garage where each machine is built by hand. “A lot of our customers appreciate the intimacy of the build process,” says spokesman Grant Longenbaugh. “They can pick up their motorcycle where it was actually made.” It’s enough to make your heart race. Starting at $6,995.