What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? (Oysters. You’re Having Oysters)

The bucket.

New Year’s Eve is nigh, and whether you’re planning to host a grand gala or hit the couch and binge Schitt’s Creek all over again, this is the only accessory you really need: an opulent Beatriz Ball “Ocean” champagne-oyster bucket for eating oysters on the half-shell, and only oysters on the half-shell. Because the less versatile an item is, the more luxurious it is. Here’s another pearl of wisdom: Crisp bubbly is the perfect accoutrement for washing down these briny-savory bits, with or without lemon juice, horseradish, or mignonette sauce, and a bottle of it fits nicely into the platter’s champagne chiller. Despite its luxe looks, the seashell-inspired piece is handmade using an easy-to-care-for aluminum alloy that’s safe in the oven and the freezer. Move over, champagne and caviar; oysters are our world. $198. Charles Mayer & Co., 317-257-2900, charlesmayer.com