Six Ways To Power Up With Crystals



For Embracing Your New Hairdo

Believed by some to aid in transformation, Labradorite could be a positive companion while transitioning into a new job, house, or whatever else life throws your way. $33 at Three Crows Conjure, 7220 Madison Ave., 317-992-7606,

For Getting Motivated

Amber stones

Said to revitalize the mind and body, Carnelian may help encourage you to start a project you’ve been putting off. $1–$4 at Pyramid of Enlightenment, 8101 E. Washington St., 317-899-7590,

For Sleeping Soundly

We all know the frustration of unintentionally waking up at 2 a.m. on a workday. Keeping Amethyst by your bedside may combat those restless nights. $16–$22 at The Playful Soul, 1001 E. 86th St., 317-253-0499,

For Breaking a Creative Block

Speckled Rainbow Moonstone supposedly invites creative energy to help you put words to paper or whip out your paintbrush. $7 at New Age People, 1484 W. 86th St., 317-228-9411,

For Finding a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Intended to create harmony, Malachite could help you find the right balance between professionalism and play. $10 at Inner Path, 7673 Shelby St., 317-883-1100,

For Pampering Yourself

Everyone needs a little “me time” to unwind and reset—that’s where vibrant Fluorite comes in, with the possibility of strengthening those at-home-rehab rituals. $30 at New Age People