Sound Baths, Sound Stress Reliever

Lesley Saligoe
Lesley Saligoe of Lesley Saligoe Botanicals.

Photo by Tony Valainis

What if you could reduce tension, depression symptoms, fatigue, and anger simply by taking a bath? Better yet, what if that “bath” was made of soothing sounds?

Sound baths are emerging around Central Indiana, and people are lining up to lie down and listen. A sound bath is a trendy relaxation and meditation session during which participants “bathe” in sound waves produced by Tibetan singing bowls and other mystical-sounding musical instruments while remaining still—in a way, yoga without the movement.

Lying on a mat and feeling the literal sound vibrations from the instruments played in tandem with nature noises is the easy part. Calming a racing mind over the next hour is more challenging for most. It is not uncommon for memories to bubble up or new ideas to surface during a session, or for people to fall sleep, according to herbalist Lesley Saligoe, who leads baths by appointment in her private studio near downtown (and also offers free sessions via her YouTube channel, Energy Edit by Lesley Saligoe). Saligoe doesn’t advertise her class. “Word of mouth typically brings folks in, and that resonates with me,” she says. “It helps me connect sincerely versus just trying to fill each of my sessions for monetary gain.” When the bath is over, participants gently come back to reality—hopefully dripping with zen.

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$10 per session, by appointment only.