The Gatsbyesque Showrooms Featuring Furniture Luxury

The California-based store formerly known as Restoration Hardware has come a long way since its mall days. Now, the inventory at RH competes for attention with stylish showrooms like these four stunners.


Photo courtesy RH Indianapolis

The Gallery at the Estate in Buckhead occupies six floors of the former ESPN Zone dining and entertainment complex. It houses a 40-foot-tall rotunda flanked by a double staircase and a 50-foot-long reflecting pool.


Photo courtesy RH Indianapolis

This grand interior boasts a focal-point steampunk glass traction elevator that traverses the mezzanine levels of the city’s Historic Museum of National History, one of the oldest buildings in the Back Bay neighborhood.


Photo courtesy RH Indianapolis

Built in 1914 as a home for young women studying the arts, The Three Arts Club sat empty for 20 years before being transformed into the first RH gallery. The Gold Coast establishment features a rooftop park and conservatory.


Photo courtesy RH Indianapolis

A massive, three-story building in Easton Town Center, a shopping destination, the Columbus RH includes a mirrored grand staircase and rooftop restaurant lit by chandeliers at night.