100 Monon Trail Lovers Say …

IM’s original survey, end to end.

How far south have you been on the Monon?

53% Downtown (10th Street trailhead)

22% Not south of Broad Ripple


Are you here working out or just joyriding?

> “I’m here six days a week—96th Street is like a hangout. People here all know my dog. He’s Moe the Monon Dog.”

Do you feel safe on the trail by yourself?

70% Yes

19% Yes—mostly/usually/during the day/in certain areas 

4% No

> “Yes, I have my mace right here. I rigged it onto the handlebars.”

Where did you come from to use the trail?

21% Midtown

17% North side

13% Broad Ripple

9% Carmel

7% Downtown

7% Fishers

6% East side

5% Westfield

2% Geist

2% South side

2% Zionsville

2% Out of town (Mooresville and Lafayette)

1% West side

> “We don’t have anything like this [in Lafayette]. I love how clean it is. It’s like people really care.”

Has anyone ever tried to pick you up out here?

> “Nope. Wait, do other people get asked out on the Monon? Am I missing out?!”

> “Yes. I was running with a group, and another group started running with us.”

> “I’ve gotten smiles.”

> “The dog is a magnet.”

How far south do you feel safe alone?

30% Downtown (10th Street trailhead)

21% SoBro or 38th Street

5% Broad Ripple


How much did you spend on the bike you’re riding today?

20% Between $100 and $500

15% Between $500 and $1,000

12% More than $1,000

7% Under $100

> “Our bike rack cost more than both of our bikes combined.”

How would you improve the Monon?

> “Put a bridge over 86th Street. I’ve seen someone hit there. It’s a busy road.”

> “Deal with the brownfields so the area below 38th Street can be developed.”

> “There should be times set aside for people who want to seriously bike. That’s the main public-health problem, beyond crime. Bikes going 30 mph can kill a person. Some guy hit me head-on. Broke my rib.”


Photos by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the June 2013 issue.