Stay In Your Own Outdoor Bubble In Iceland

Iceland is still going strong as a trendy travel destination for Indianapolitans. If you’re going to follow in your friends’ footsteps to the land of waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, and majestic horses whose names are subject to government approval, blaze your own trail by staying in an Aurora Buubble (yes, two U’s—get used to the abundance of double letters over there), like this local travel pro:

This glamping place is a pro tip courtesy of Cathy Garver, cofounder of Bottom Line Travel Solutions, and her former business partner, Sarah Reuter, who recently started Artisan Picnic. Both used to work at Ambassadair Travel Club and continue to globe-trot. On their upcoming trip to Iceland, they’ll stay in these heated spheres, each sleeping two people with duvets, pillows, and sleeping bags. Guests can choose between a semi- and fully transparent tent. “The company has been excellent to work with—very responsive on iChat, even providing videos so we could see how far the bathrooms are from the bubble,” Reuter says.
The orbs run $280 per night. They’re booked through 2017, and next year, they will be used exclusively on a tour of the famous Golden Circle route, although the company appears to be setting up another location. They were designed for viewing the Aurora Borealis from (typically) September through March, hence the owner’s self-rating as a “5 million star hotel.”

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