Inside The Voluta Tattoo Studio

Inside Voluta Tattoo–Fine Art Tattoo Studio artists
Inside Voluta Tattoo–Fine Art Tattoo Studio artists
From left to right: Daniel Skolz, Brandon Lea, Conan Lea, and Sarah Reynolds

❶ Prayer candles adorned with Prince, Conan Lea’s “spirit animal.”

❷ Daniel Skolz’s paintings of lemons show how a common object appears different in a new context. “It reflects its surroundings … not unlike humans,” he says. Daniel likens tattooing to commissioned art. “It lets me connect with people meaningfully.”

Brandon Lea, Conan’s younger brother, creates  his handiwork entirely digitally, unusual in the business. He’s rarely without his sketchbook, aka iPad.

❹ This beacon signals an artist is in via a soothing glow. “The more at home, relaxed the client feels, the better the process goes for everyone,” says Conan.

Conan was trained by “the great sci-fi and fantasy illustration gods of our era” in renowned Illustration Master Classes. Their books fill these shelves. “Whether a client wants to erase an angry past or get their sexy back, our job is visual storytelling.”

Only custom tattoos are crafted in this hidden atelier a bit south of Broad Ripple. Conan has seen Eternal Ink made and trusts its quality. “It matters what you put under people’s skin.”

Voluta Tattoo built lamps that are easy on the eyes. Tattooing demands full-spectrum, directional light that reflects only where needed. 

A painting by Alison Aether of Colorado, a frequent guest artist. They’re vetted on talent, experience, and kindness.

❾ Sarah Reynolds translated a Forest Rogers sculpture into an oil painting. Incredibly, Sarah only began painting during quarantine.

Lush greenery, like Dragon Trees, enlivens the space. Sarah’s the resident plant maven.